The aim of the course is to cover three centuries of the city history, from its establishment to the XX century. The course focuses on the cultural aspects of the city and country life which are illustrated through the visits to the major museums of the city.

The course helps students develop theoretical and practical appreciation of mass communication strategies aimed at shaping various publics’ perceptions and opinions.  

The course aims at developing speaking skills. 

The course aims at developing core and professional competencies in the field of global marketing planning and equips students with a number of essential concepts and research tools for successful international marketing operations.

The course aims at acquainting with different types of communication and potential barriers in the communication process. The focus is on the presentation skills which are a must for any specialist in a modern business world.

This course prepares students for the international academic mobility programmes.

This course provides insights into the theory of organization, organizational design and behavior on individual, group and organization levels.